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Private Day Tour

Private Tour from Munich to Salzburg

©Tourismus Salzburg, Foto: Breitegger Günter

Salzburg is a perfect destination for a day trip from Munich as it offers numerous top attractions and can be reached in about an hour and a half only. Get to know the charming UNESCO World Heritage Site at the foot of the Alps and other sights in the area on a private guided tour.

Many only know Salzburg as the location for the musical film "The Sound of Music", as Mozart's birthplace and because of the famous Salzburg Christmas market. But the picturesque old town on the banks of the river Salzach enchants also with its narrow streets, elaborated wrought-iron signs and numerous traditional restaurants with regional specialties. The famous baroque churches and Salzburg Residenz are an expression of the wealth and self-confidence of the prince-archbishops who ruled Salzburg for centuries and shape its appearance to this day. And above all one of the largest medieval castles in Europe, the fortress Hohensalzburg is located with a fantastic view of the old city.

But you‘re not limited to the town borders of Salzburg as there are many more things to do and to discover. Numerous attractions are waiting for you just next door, regardless whether you prefer culture and history or nature and adventure. The Salzburg options and video will tell you more about sights like the Trick Fountains of Hellbrunn Palace, Lake Chiemsee or the visit to a salt mine. Let yourself be inspired and get the best out of your Munich to Salzburg private day tour!

Tour details at a glance

Tour duration:

9 - 11 hours

Travel time to main destination:

1:45 hours

Tour start from Munich:

9 am at the latest


max. 6

Price of private tour:

€ 950

including transportation, insurance, bottled water, guide service and private walking tour- entrance fees and other personal expenses are not included  - price based on tour start/end in Munich, price for other places of tour start/end might differ


Important notice!

  • Passport needed for border 

    crossing to Austria

Salzburg Private Day Tour from Munich
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A tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Salzburg's old town is like a stroll through the past. Historic facades with dozen of wrought-iron guild signs await us on our walking tour in Getreidegasse. In the past, the signs showed people who could not read the way to their destination; today, together with the small side streets, they contribute significantly to the picturesque appearance of the old town. Mozart’s birthplace, baroque churches and wide squares are just as enchanting as Mirabell Palace and Gardens or the coffee houses on the banks of the river Salzach.

Salzburg Castle

The landmark of the city, the Hohensalzburg Fortress, is enthroned from afar on one of the Salzburg city mountains. Originally just a wooden fort, it is now one of the largest preserved castle complexes in Europe and has hardly changed its appearance in the last 500 years. It is one of the most visited sights in Austria and offers the visitor splendid prince-archbishop rooms, various museums and last but not least a fantastic view of the Salzburg region and the Austrian Alps.

Salzburg local specialities

Salzburg is not only known for its baroque buildings, but also for some sweet delicacies. For example the Salzburger Nockerln, a kind of sweet soufflé with powdered sugar, which was supposedly invented by the mistress of an archbishop and represents the snow-capped mountains of Salzburg. Or the Mozartkugeln, a sweet temptation made from marzipan, pisatzias and chocolate, which were invented in the 19th century as a kind of Mozart merchandising article. But beer lovers will also get their money's worth in Salzburg. The local Stiegl brewery, situated in Salzburg, is one of the leading breweries in Austria and offers one of the most beautiful views over the roofs of Salzburg's old town from its Stieglkeller beer garden.

Salzburg and "The Sound of Music"

On this private Salzburg day trip you will encounter many places that you know from the famous musical film. The Residenzplatz, where Maria sang “I have confidence”, Mirabell Garden and the horse pond as the setting for “Do-Re-Mi” or the picturesque St. Peter Cemetery, where the Trapp family hid from the Nazis at the end of the film. But locations from the film can also be visited outside the city. Leopoldskron Palace and Frohnburg Palace, which served as the residence of the Trapp family in the film, and the real Trapp Villa, which is now a hotel. The Untersberg, that you can see all the time, is a fine example of the difference between film and reality. In the film, the Trapp family fled to Switzerland via the Untersberg, but in reality this route would have led directly to Nazi Germany. And the real Trapp family fled via the Alps to Italy by train.


Events in Salzburg

Salzburg is known for a number of events far beyond the borders of Austria. The local Salzburg Xmas market between the residence and the cathedral is one of the most beautiful of its kind in the world. From mid-November to December 26th, visitors can expect a unique Christmas atmosphere with historic huts and festive Christmas lights in the middle of the old town. In summer, on the other hand, during the Salzburg Festival, the whole city becomes a worldwide center of classical music and performing arts for a few weeks. In six festival weeks over 200 events take place, which are attended by more than 250,000 guests. The whole city becomes a stage, regardless of whether it is the opera house, the Felsenreitschule where the Trapps have sung, the courtyard of the Residenz or the cathedral square, performances take place everywhere.

Hellbrunn Palace

With its trick fountains and water gardens, Hellbrunn is certainly a very special sight. Built in the 17th century as a summer residence by one of Salzburg's prince archbishops, Hellbrunn Palace still entertains and surprises its visitors with enchanted grottos, playful water machines and a mechanical theater. The trick fountains have a winter break in mid-November, but one of the most magical Christmas markets takes place in front of Hellbrunn Palace then. The 24 decorated windows of the palace facade transform the pleasure palace into an oversized Advent calendar. And hundreds of fir trees, decorated with Christmas balls and fairy lights, let the entire area shine in Christmas splendor. For fans of "The Sound of Music" the park of Hellbrunn Palace also has a special attraction. This is where the original gazebo is located, in which Liesl and Rolf sang “you are sixteen” dancing on a romantic evening.


Salt mines

In the Middle Ages, salt not only made Salzburg a rich city, it also gave it its name. Literally translated, Salzburg means Salt Castle. In front of the city gates, in Hallein and in Berchtesgaden, two salt mines can still be visited today, an especially exciting experience for children. On a guided tour, you drive into the interior of the mountain on original mine railways, slide down on wooden slides and cross an underground lake on a wooden raft. 

Lake Königssee

The Königssee is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque lakes in the Bavarian Alps. Enjoy a silent boat trip on one of the electric excursion boats over emerald green water framed by the impressive mountain scenery of the Watzmann and the Untersberg. And should you feel a little hungry, we can pay a visit to the beer garden at the pilgrimage church of St. Bartholomew on shore.

Lake Chiemsee

On the ride from Munich to Salzburg we pass one of the largest lakes in Germany, the Chiemsee. This is where King Ludwig II, best known for Neuschwanstein Castle, carried out his most expensive building program, Herrenchiemsee Palace. As an architectural reference to Versailles, the fairytale king Ludwig II erected a memorial for the French Sun King Louis XIV withe the Alps as backdrop. You can find more details about this attraction at the Herrenchiemsee Palace tour.

The Eagle's Nest

On your private tour from Munich to Salzburg we can pay a short visit to the Obersalzberg and the Kehlsteinhaus, also known to many as Eagle's Nest. A bus ride on a steep mountain road with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and a subsequent ride in an elevator bring us to the summit of the Kehlstein where the Eagle's Nest is situated. It is one of the few original buildings from the time of the Third Reich here on Obersalzberg. This option of your private tour is an opportunity to learn more about the time of National Socialism and this historic place that used to be the second seat of government of the Nazi regime. Additional information about this sight you can find under the Eagle’s Nest tour.

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