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Herrenchiemsee Palace & Fraueninsel 
Private Day Tour

Herrenchiemsee Palace Private Day Tour

Neues Schloss Herrenchiemsee © Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung

This unique private day tour from Munich to the New Palace Herrenchiemsee takes you into the dream world of King Ludwig II and shows you Bavaria from one of its most beautiful sides.


Herrenchiemsee Palace, idyllically situated on an island in the middle of Lake Chiemsee, was built by King Ludwig II, who made it world-famous as builder of Neuschwanstein Castle and as a supposedly crazy fairy tale king.


On this excursion you will get to know the true story of King Ludwig II, who was definitely not crazy, but created dream worlds to escape the unloved reality. With Herrenchiemsee Palace, Ludwig II erected a monument to the French Sun King Ludwig XIV, here he wanted to live out his dream of an absolutist ruler of God's grace. Learn more about the life and history of the fairy tale king in the Ludwig II Museum and enjoy an idyllic walk on the island Herreninsel.


A further highlight of this tour is a visit to the neighboring Fraueninsel, a picturesque island with one of Germany's oldest women's monasteries, traditional pottery and fishing businesses and cosy restaurants. Enjoy local dishes in a relaxed atmosphere before we continue our journey by boat on Lake Chiemsee.

You are welcome to change the itinerary of this day trip and visit other sights in the area. Shorten your stay at Chiemsee and explore e.g. the Eagle's Nest or the city of Salzburg. You can find more information about Herrenchiemsee day tour and other sights in the video and on this page.

Tour details at a glance

Tour duration:

up to 8 hours

Travel time to main destination

1:15 hours

Tour start from Munich:

9 pm at the latest


max. 6

Price of private tour:

€ 830

including transportation, insurance, bottled water, guide service - entrance fees and other personal expenses are not included  - price based on tour start/end in Munich, price for other places of tour start/end might differ

Herrenchiemsee Private Day Tour 
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Herrenchiemsee Private Day Tour from Mun

Herrenchiemsee Palace

His last and at the same time most expensive palace King Ludwig II built with Herrenchiemsee Palace, the immense construction costs of which even exceeded the sum of Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace. Like the other castles, Herrenchiemsee was neither a seat of government nor a representative building, but only served as the private residence of the withdrawn king. Herrenchiemsee Palace is not only reminiscent of Versailles Palace near Paris with its main facade, much of the interior also has its model in France, especially two rooms. On the one hand, the bedroom, which was the focus of everyday life at the Versailles court. The two most important ceremonies of everyday life at the Versailles court took place here, the Lever and the Coucher, the king's getting up and going to bed. Ludwig II attached particular importance to this room and built it larger and more opulent than the French original, although he never used it as a bedroom. The magnificent Hall of Mirrors, which extends over almost the entire main facade, is also larger than the French model. All this and many other rooms give an idea of ​​the admiration the Bavarian King felt for his French idol Louis XIV and how much he would have liked a life in the style of the French Sun King. 


Lake Chiemsee

The Chiemsee is often called the "Bavarian Sea", because with an area of around 30 square miles it is the second largest lake in Germany. Idyllically located at the foot of the Chiemgau Alps, a trip on one of the excursion boats is a real experience all year round.


The second largest of the 3 islands in the Chiemsee is the picturesque Fraueninsel, which can be explored on a 1-mile walk. A third of the island is occupied by the Frauenwörth monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Bavaria. Even today the monastery is a lively place where the nuns sell homemade marzipan and liqueur. In addition, the image of the Fraueninsel is determined by the numerous old fishermen's houses and pottery shops with their flower-adorned gardens.


This private day tour is a good opportunity to visit Salzburg as the charming UNESCO World Heritage Site is only about 45 minutes away from Lake Chiemsee. You might know Salzburg as the location for the musical film "The Sound of Music" or as Mozart's birthplace, but the picturesque old town has much more to offer. Experience narrow alleys with elaborated wrought-iron signs, numerous traditional restaurants with regional specialties, baroque churches and one of the largest medieval castles in Europe, the fortress Hohensalzburg. All on a private tour guided by me. For more information about this option please visit the Salzburg & More tour page.

Eagle's Nest

Another option on your private day trip to Lake Chiemsee is a visit to the Eagle's Nest on Obersalzberg. The area developed from the former vacation home of Adolf Hitler to the second seat of government of the Nazi regime besides Berlin. And so you can expect two opposing worlds on Obersalzberg, a breathtaking mountain backdrop, but also the inhuman history of the Third Reich. Experience this place steeped in history on a private tour conducted by me. For more information on Eagle’s Nest, see Eagle’s Nest Private Day Tour.

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