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General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of

In the following regulations the customer booking the tour will be called client and munichdriverguide will be called MDG.


1. Specification of services and alterations

The specification of every tour can be found in the associated description and in the booking confirmation that the customer receives when making a booking. MDG explicitly reserves the right to declare a change to the agreement, if imperative necessities require a change like this (e.g. access limited because of construction works, unannounced usage by the owner, weather conditions etc.). Regardless of this, MDG is entitled to the complete fee agreed upon.

The information about the length of the tour is an estimation based on MDG’s experience, due to exceptional circumstances the length of the tour may be differing. The client shall consider this when planning add-on events.

As the various options of each tour depend on seasons, weather conditions, opening times and traffic conditions, they should be stated when booking the tour to clarify if they can be done.


2. Prices, deposit and payment

The prices of the tours include:

  • transport in a minivan up to six passengers

  • private driver guide services

  • parking fees

  • on board bottled water

  • all taxes and insurance


The prices of the tour don’t include:

  • admission fees

  • additional transportation fees for carriages, buses, pleasure boats, cable cars etc.

  • meals, snacks and other personal expenses

  • additional hours if requested by the client. Additional hours the client isn’t responsible for won’t be charged (e.g. delays due to traffic jams, bad weather or similar reasons)


The following deposits are requested by MDG and can be paid by credit card or PayPal after confirmation of the booking:

  • 200 € for walking tours in Munich

  • 200 € for tours with car


Payment of the remaining tour price must be made in cash on the day of the tour.


3. Cancellations

Cancellations by the client: 

Cancellations have to be made in writing by email. Refunds are based on the following:

  • 50% refund of the client's deposit for cancellation received more than 30 days before tour date

  • 0% refund of the client's deposit for cancellation received 30 days or less before tour date 

The client is encouraged to obtain a cancellation insurance that might cover the cost of cancellation.


Cancellations by MDG: 

If a booked tour can’t be done by MDG due to serious circumstances, MDG will make every effort to find a suitable substitute or to offer a different date to the client. If this doesn’t work or the client doesn’t agree, the full deposit will be refunded to the client. MDG takes no responsibility for any expenses or consequential losses as a result of the cancelled booking such as non-refundable flight or other travel costs, loss of enjoyment, etc. The liability of MDG for cancelled services is limited to the deposit paid by the traveler.


4. Delay of client

The client shall inform MDG immediately about any delays, calling the mobile phone number he got with the confirmation. If the booked service has to be shortened due to the delay of the client, the fee agreed upon in the confirmation will be due nonetheless. In case the client will be late, there is no entitlement for a prolongation of the tour or any reduction of the fee. MDG will be waiting one hour for the client to show up. In case of a delay more than 1 hour MDG has the right to rescind the contract, because the tour cannot be performed within the time remaining and to withhold the deposit.

This rule does not apply to aircraft delays on layover tours. Here MDG will track the arrival time of the aircraft over the Internet and, if possible, start the tour accordingly later. If the tour is no longer possible because of the delay, the deposit will be forfeited, if the tour has to be shortened, the full tour price has to be paid.


5. Client’s duty of collaboration

It’s the client’s duty, to cooperate in the fulfillment of the contract and to avoid damages and perturbations. He shall inform MDG in time about any particularities as impaired mobility, standing disabilities or similar disorders. In case there is no prior notification or just right before the start of the tour, MDG does not assume liability for any possible service limitations.


Any complaints have to be brought to the MDG’s notice immediately. Any charges due to no or incomplete service delivery have to be brought to MDG’s notice in written form not later than a month after the fulfillment of service. Any claims expire by limitation 6 months after the fulfillment of the service agreed upon.

All guests must have a valid passport on them during the tour!

Children who need a child seat can only be transported if their participation has been notified in writing at least 1 week before the tour. Suitable child seats will then be provided by MDG.


6. Liability

MDG is covered by liability insurance through the "Federal Association of Tour Guides in Germany" and individual liability insurance from "Signal Iduna Allgemeine Versicherungs AG". MDG’s liability is limited to the fulfillment of services agreed upon and is limited in terms of money to the fee for the service agreed upon. This financial limitation of liability is not valid concerning damages violating life, body or physical health, resulting from an intentional or reckless neglect of duty by MDG, or his representative or his proxy. There is no responsibility for participating minors. The responsibility is remaining with the parents, legal representatives or attendants.


7. Effectiveness of General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

The client is accepting these GTC when placing an order for a tour and is booking solely taking MDG’s GTC as a basis. Conflicting GTC or GTC of the client differing from MDG’s GTC will not be acknowledged by MDG, unless MDG would have explicitly agreed to their legitimacy in written form. The implicit acceptance of bookings and payments by MDG doesn’t signify an agreement to conflicting conditions of the client.


8. Applicable law and legal venue

In case there is no regulation in these GTC and no further written agreement between client and MDG, only German law is applicable concerning contractual relationship between client and MDG. Legal venue is Munich.


9. Severability clause

In the event of any provision in these conditions or in connection with other agreements being or becoming invalid, the remaining provisions or agreements shall not be affected thereby. In this particular case invalid regulations are replaced by legal regulations.

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