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Rothenburg & Romantic Road 
Private Day Tour

Private tour from Munich to Rothenburg

©Rothenburg Tourismus Service, Plönlein

This Rothenburg private day tour from Munich takes you into the world of the Middle Ages. The enchanting town Rothenburg is a prime example of a medieval city greeting its visitors with guard towers and a historic city wall. Once inside the walls you will dive into the atmosphere of the past. Half-timbered houses, narrow streets with cobblestone, numerous watchtowers and the wall-walk at the top of the town wall are waiting for you.

Discover the city within a private guided tour and learn about penalties and torture in the Medieval Crime Museum. Or experience in the Old Craftsman House how unpretentious life of ordinary people was. There will be time as well for you to stroll through local stores like Käthe Wohlfahrt’s Christmas World or the Leyk store with its unique illuminated ceramic houses.

And if you want to get more impressions of ancient times, the Romantic Road offers two additional medieval jewels as en-route stops on your private day trip from Munich to Rothenburg. Harburg Castle, one of the best preserved medieval castles in southern Germany and the charming town Dinkelsbühl. Use these stops as opportunity just to stretch your legs or to join a tour there as well. To find out more about things to do in Rothenburg and on the tour watch the video and see the additional information on this page. Or have a look at the tours to Nuremberg and Regensburg, two medieval cities that are located closer to Munich. 

Tour details at a glance

Tour duration:

9 - 11 hours

Travel time to main destination:

2:30 hours

Tour start from Munich:

9am at the latest


max. 6

Price of private tour:

€ 1130

including transportation, insurance, bottled water, guide service with private walking tour - entrance fees and other personal expenses are not included  - price based on tour start/end in Munich, price for other places of tour start/end might differ


Important notice!

  • Because of travel time early departure is recommended

Rothenburg Private Day Tour from Munich
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Munich to Rothenburg private day

The Romantic Road

The Romantic Road was launched in 1950 as one of the first holiday routes in post-war Germany. As a kind of marketing cooperation, 29 Bavarian locations from Würzburg to Füssen came together to show the world a different Germany than that of National Socialism. A Germany that is rich in culture, history and fantastic landscapes. On the Romantic Road, which is around 460 kilometers long, top sights line up like a string of pearls. Whether Neuschwanstein Castle, baroque churches like the Wieskirche or Rottenbuch and, last but not least, medieval cities like Rothenburg, Dinkelsbuhl or Harburg. The Romantic Road is something very special among the around 200 holiday routes in Germany, which cover a wide variety of topics. There are Wine Roads, Beer Roads, a Castle Road, a Glass Road ...... you can find something for every area of interest.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Rothenburg upon Tauber)

Along with Neuschwanstein Castle, Rothenburg is certainly the most famous sight on the Romantic Road with many top attractions from the Middle Ages. Its museums, well-known buildings such as the Plonlein or the Markus Tower, the walk-on battlements of the city wall but also the annual Christmas market attract millions of visitors from all over the world every year. On a walking tour I will show you the most beautiful places in Rothenburg and tell you the history of this romantic city.

Rothenburg top sights

This Rothenburg private day tour offers a lot of impressing top attractions. One of the most unique sights in Rothenburg is certainly the Medieval Crime Museum with one of the world's largest collections of medieval legal history. Experience in the old walls of the museum with original instruments of torture how crimes were punished in the Middle Ages.

The Plönlein, an ensemble of a city gate, a fountain and a half-timbered house is certainly the most photographed motif in Rothenburg. Walt Disney was so fascinated by it that it served as a template for the cartoon Pinocchio, so Walt Disney was not only inspired by King Ludwig II and his fairytale castle Neuschwanstein.

In addition to the many half-timbered houses, Rothenburg's market square is home to two other highlights in the town. The tower of the town hall offers a fantastic view over the rooftops of Rothenburg and every hour the master draught takes place in the facade of the councilors' tavern. Allegedly, at the time of the Thirty Years' War, Rothenburg's Mayor Nusch saved the city from destruction by the Swedish occupiers by emptying a jug with 3 1/4 liters of wine in one go. This historical event is re-enacted here every hour by two figures playing a kind of Glockenspiel.

And if you want, Rothenburg also has good opportunities to buy unique souvenirs. Christmas enthusiasts will feel like they are in paradise at Käthe Wohlfahrt, because here in the Christmas Museum and store it is Christmas all year round. Nutcrackers, incense smokers, glitter balls and much more, as far as the eye can see. The Leyk Light Houses are a very special souvenir. The ceramic replicas of historical structures are made by hand in Rothenburg. With a tea light inside, they conjure up a unique atmosphere in every living room.

Harburg Castle

An ideal stopover on your Rothenburg private day tour is a visit to Harburg Castle located about halfway between Munich and Rothenburg. As one of the best preserved medieval castles in Bavaria, Harburg Castle is a prime example of a fortress from the Middle Ages. Mighty walls and towers, battlements, dungeons and two keeps have been preserved in excellent condition. You can visit Harburg in two ways. A short walk through the courtyards of the castle with a visit to the castle chapel and a fantastic view of the surrounding area. Or explore the interior of the castle on a guided tour that lasts around an hour.


The town of Dinkelsbühl is smaller than Rothenburg, but because of its intact medieval townscape it is an important place on the Romantic Road. The Gothic church, winding streets and cobblestone squares with many half-timbered houses invite you to make a short stop on the way to Rothenburg. And with a little luck you can watch the storks that have their nests on the roof of the old town hall. If not, you can also view them from home via the web using the stork camera.

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