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Private Day Tour

Private Day Tour From Munich To Regensbu

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This private Regensburg day tour is a perfect choice for a day trip from Munich as it offers numerous top attractions and Regensburg can be reached in less than an hour and a half. Already the ride from Munich to Regensburg is a pleasure as it leads through a varied landscape with the world‘s largest hop growing area called Hallertau.


2006 the historical center of Regensburg was awarded the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an honor that only was granted to 46 locations in Germany. About 1.000 listed monuments are witnesses of Regensburg's rich history that started as Roman military base. After the downfall of the Roman Empire Regensburg became Bavaria’s first capital and developed to one of the major European trade hubs in the Middle Ages. Finally the perpetual imperial assembly made it a political center in former Europe. Enjoy a trip through time in a vibrant city that is more than a touristic historical backdrop as still about 20.000 locals live here.


Your Regensburg private day tour includes a private guided walking tour through the old town. Together we explore the top sights of historic Regensburg. The Regensburg Cathedral with the world's largest swallow's nest organ, the Historic Sausage Kitchen as the oldest fast food restaurant in the world and the Stone Bridge are just a few examples of the many sights.


But on your private day tour from Munich to Regensburg there are a lot more things to do and see. To get an overview of all the possibilities and sights, just read on and watch the options and the video.

If you visit Regensburg as part of a Danube river cruise, I am also happy to provide a private transfer from or to Munich. You are welcome to combine this private transfer with a city tour in Regensburg, Munich or any other city in which I offer private tours.

Tour details at a glance

Tour duration:

8 - 10 hours

Travel time to main destination:

1:30 hours

Tour start from Munich:

10 am at the latest


max. 6

Price of private tour:

€ 880

including transportation, insurance, bottled water, guide service with private walking tour - entrance fees and other personal expenses are not included  - price based on tour start/end in Munich, price for other places of tour start/end might differ

Regensburg Private Day Tour 
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Munich to Regensburg private day

Regensburg history and overview

In Regensburg you can expect a historical cityscape like in Rothenburg or Bamberg, just much closer to Munich. And the history of Regensburg goes back much further, back to the times of the Roman Empire when the Romans built a military camp named Castra Regina on the banks of the Danube. Due to this location next to the Danube, one of the main traffic routes of the Middle Ages, Regensburg was able to develop into one of the most important European trading cities, which helped the city to immense wealth. Today the former patrician town castles with their mighty dynasty towers, which are unique in Germany, are stone witnesses to this prosperous past, as is the Regensburg Cathedral and a number of other magnificent church buildings. Fortunately, the old town of Regensburg was almost spared from the bombs of World War II. Because of this intact historical cityscape and its historical significance , Regensburg was named one of 47 German UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2006.


Regensburg Cathedral

The cathedral of Regensburg is the outstanding landmark of the city. In the Middle Ages, however, it was not only built as a place of worship, but was also a widely visible symbol of the economic power of the trading metropolis on the banks of the Danube. On your private walking tour through Regensburg, the cathedral is one of the top sights, because in addition to its imposing architecture, it has three superlatives. When entering the cathedral, one of the largest areas of medieval stain glass windows in Germany awaits the visitor, bathing the interior of the church in a mystical light. The organ of Regensburg Cathedral is the largest swallow's nest organ in the world. The free-hanging organ, weighing 36 tons, is supported by 4 steel cables with a diameter of only 1.6 inches. Last but not least, the Regensburg Cathedral is home to the Regensburger Domspatzen, the oldest boys' choir in the world.

Regensburg Historic Sausage Kitchen

The Historic Sausage Kitchen is perhaps the oldest fast food restaurant in the world. It’s origin goes back to the 12th century when the Stone Bridge was built. In those days the small building leaning against the city wall served as construction office which was converted into a cookshop after the completion of the bridge. Here numerous dockworkers and construction workers of the nearby cathedral bought boiled meat. Presumably in 1806, when the current owner's family bought the town's cookshop, the story began as a sausage roastery. Much has remained the same since then. The homemade sausages are still grilled over an open charcoal fire, the sauerkraut comes from the own fermentation cellar and the mustard is also home-made according to a historical recipe.

Regensburg Stone Bridge

Besides Regensburg's Cathedral the Stone Bridge is the city's most important landmark. With its length of around 1,000 feet, it was considered the 8th wonder of the world in the Middle Ages, because the know-how to erect such stone structures was lost in late antiquity and many travelers had never seen something like this in their lives before. The Stone Bridge was also of enormous economic importance for Regensburg. It was the only bridge over the Danube between Ulm and Vienna over a distance of almost 400 miles. In this way, it played its part in ensuring that Regensburg developed into one of the most important European trading centers in the Middle Ages.


The Walhalla near Regensburg is certainly one of the most impressive national monuments in Germany. King Ludwig I of Bavaria built this hall of fame for important personalities of German descent on a hill above the Danube. The Walhalla impresses not only with its appearance, which is based on the Partenon on the Athens Acropolis. The view over 358 steps down to the Danube is breathtaking. Inside, in addition to a lot of marble, over 200 busts and memorial plaques of important German-speaking personalities await the visitor. Famous names such as Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Johannn Wofgang von Goethe or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are strung together like a pearl necklace.

Boat rides on the Danube

Your Regensburg Private Day Tour offers various options for short boat trips on the Danube. Either in Regensburg, where you can get to know the old town and the Stone Bridge from a different perspective on a "whirlpool trip". Or enjoy the Danube on one of its most picturesque stretches between Kehlheim and Weltenburg, where the Danube winds its way between high limestone cliffs. This section was rightly declared a National Natural Monument of Bavaria in 2020.

Weltenburg Abbey and Hall of Liberation

You can crown a trip on the Danube with two other top sights, the idyllic Weltenburg Abbey and the Hall of Liberation in Kehlheim. The Hall of Liberation was built by King Ludwig I of Bavaria 170 years ago as a national monument to commemorate the victorious battles in the wars of liberation against Napoleon. The mighty rotunda impresses with its imposing architecture and the many marble statues, but also the fantastic view from the dome of the surrounding Danube landscape. In addition to its idyllic location directly on the banks of the Danube, the Benedictine Abbey of Weltenburg offers you Bavarian cuisine and a selection of Bavarian beer specialties that are brewed in the in-house monastery brewery.

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